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It’s bedtime, kids and Auntie Cedwyn is here to tuck you in with a story!  The name of this story is

Once upon a time, there was a very powerful political operative named Karl Rove.  He was not a very pleasant person.  But he wielded great influence because his boss, to whom he was very close, was President of the United States and part of a very powerful family – the Bushes…

Mr. Rove was extremely vicious as a political advisor and had no qualms pulling dirty tricks.  In fact, he seemed to spend most of his time launching smear campaigns against anyone who opposed his boss. The corruption and ruthlessness were so pervasive, people started referring to him as Bush’s consigliere.

In one such smear campaign, Rove decided that he would discredit a man who said the administration had been less-than-honest in a claim about Iraq and uranium. This upset the president, which upset Karl, whose loyalty was legendary.

So he set to work telling the media how to dismiss the man’s criticisms.  Curiously, it appears that the best strategy he could find was to claim that the man had only been assigned to investigate because of his wife, who was in the CIA.

Unfortunately, telling people she worked for the CIA was probably illegal.  It certainly wasn’t a good idea, in any event – her specialty was investigating WMD in the Middle East, where his country was at war over WMD.  Because he told people who she was, she couldn’t send intelligence reports any more.

This was a very significant issue and was possibly two crimes in one!  The president spoke to reporters and said he would fire anyone in the administration found to be involved.

The potential crime was so serious that a Special Prosecutor started investigating the leak.  After a while, it became known that the president’s closest advisor, Mr. Rove, had, indeed, told some reporters about the woman who worked for the CIA!

People everywhere were shocked!  Many were overheard saying “How could this man endanger an undercover agent like that!  And her mission…now we know less about WMD in the Middle East! How despicable!”

The president’s team in the White House didn’t muster much of a response.

Now that he knew his good friend might be in trouble, Mr. Bush had a hard time keeping his word to fire anybody involved with the leak.  He wanted to be loyal and protect his consigliere, but there was tremendous public pressure for the president to follow through on his previous statement.

As the evidence against Mr. Rove started accumulating, his party’s noise machine went on full spin – talking points and all!

But it was not enough to convince people; they were disgusted by his behavior.  It was believed (and fervently hoped by many) that soon, the case would result in an indictment against Mr. Rove.

America would live happily ever after…

The End!

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