People love to speculate. When the subject of the speculation relates to Dear Leader’s trials and tribulations, well, I’m hooked. The following stories come with a warning label: “For Amusement Only”. Our first story is perhaps the only one that is not gossip, but made me smile anyway.

* Polls says that majority of Americans want Bush impeached. Discontent in America is underreported, downplayed and covered up. People who identify themselves as Republicans are a minority in this country. Yet they are in charge and ruling with an iron fist. Something’s gotta give. full story here

The real dirt follows.
* * *
* Bush’s temper is getting worse by the day. Seems as if Baby Bush is really a baby. These rumours are very persistent and in my humble opinion, are probably true. Heh. full story here

* Bush and Darth Cheney fighting? Ha! According to Philiadelphia’s Attytood, Cheney is tired of cleaning up Dubya’s messes. See? I told you this would be fun. full story here

* Andy Card and others come together to oppose Karl Rove. Or, “Those on Fitz’s Short List vs. The Survivors”. This fun item comes to us from a Chris Matthews interview of newsweek’s Howard Fineman. full story here

Take the gossip with a grain of salt, believe it or not. It sure seems that Bush’s administration is in the throes of some in-fighting and upheaval. And that makes me smile.

Update [2005-10-12 10:53:26 by Nag]: Carole Coleman, the Irish reporter who REALLY interviewed Bush and prompted an official protest to the Irish government, was so disgusted with him that she “wanted to slap him” during the interview. Heh. I love this stuff. I found Carole’s excellent article. full story here

[Update] The first 2 photo links at the top of this diary are now mysteriously missing from the internet. Let’s try this one.

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