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When did you know it, and more importantly, why aren’t you telling any of your Democratic friends?  We are left on the sidelines, gleaning from press reports when one of our very own political operatives’ wife Mary Matalin was involved in the now implicated White House Iraq Group (a.k.a. WHIG).

Remember 2 years ago when HBO had that ill fated series K Street?  Where the luxurious and lustrous life of lobbyists was intermingled with actors playing out sub-plots?  I thought for sure George Clooney had a winner here.

Then around the 5th week or so, the leak investigation hit Carville and Matlin’s lobby firm.  Matlin was probed, then Carville, and the series took a turn towards less of the reality of politics, and more towards the lives of the fictional characters.

Either way the show got cancelled and little was ever portrayed regarding the Leak Case.  However, as of this week, it seems that the WHIG has come back into play here.  So the scrambled camera shots in the HBO series we know were totally real, and we know that their is information that perhaps James Carville can help us figure out from his very own involvement.

So Mr. Carville, I am sure you have discussed the issue with your wife, what is it that she knows from being on the inside?

Why aren’t you helping those of us here in Left Bloglandia uncover such things?  

If Matt Cooper can come clean I am sure you can do the same?

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