It was a about a month ago that The Martian Anthropologist and I came up with the idea to start the Impeach Bush Coalition.  

Oh, what a month it has been!
Considering the fact that both the Martian and Bulldog Manifesto blogs are relatively new to the blogosphere, our campaign to promote discussion about impeachment began truly as a grassroots effort.  

On September 8, 2005, it began with A Call to All Blogs.  Within days, Martian and I had designed a new blog and bloggers were sending in their requests to sign up.

Soon thereafter, a corner ribbon and graphic banners were designed.  This helped spread the word around the blogosphere.

Thankfully, IBC members have graciously offered up their support.  They have written well-researched articles related to impeachment (just to name a few– 1, 2, and 3).   They have participated in an email writing and letter writing campaign.    They have chased pollsters, demanding more polling on impeachment.

It’s been a wild month — culminating with a fundraising drive to raise money so that we could hire an independent polling firm to survey the public re: impeachment.  Initially organized and promoted by IBC member and blogger Luke Ryland of Wot is it Good 4, the IBC lent it’s support, teaming up with and AfterDowningStreet.Org.  

As a result of the fundraising drive, $10,446.00 has been raised so far (as of October 11), and the polling has already begun.  

The After Downing Street Coalition hired independent polling firm Ipsos Public Affairs to conduct a poll during the period of October 6-9.  By a margin of 50% to 44%, Americans want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush if he lied about the war in Iraq.

More polling is on the way (perhaps after some indictments are handed down?).

The impeachment movement has begun.  As the topic of impeachment becomes more common in discussion, impeachment becomes more viable as an option.  And regardless of whether or not you ultimately believe impeachment can be successful, it is a matter of justice which causes us to seek it.  Success or failure be damned.  We seek justice.  Impeachment is just.

So this is our first month!  Not bad considering it began with two relatively new bloggers.

But there is plenty of work to be done:

Tell every polling company to poll on impeachment! LINK

Tell Your Representatives to Impeach Bush! LINK

Tell the media to wake up! LINK

Please sign up with the Impeach Bush Coalition. (Email us at:

We don’t sell anything on the IBC blog.  We don’t advertise on the blog.  We want nothing from you other than your willingness to stand side-by-side with us for impeachment.  Heck, we will even link to your blog.  We all want a link, don’t we?  🙂

Last but not least:  I want to thank everybody who has taken part this past month.  I have been touched by the words of support we have received, and amazed by the offers from people around the world to pitch in and help.  It has been quite a positive experience just to see how much some people care.  Special thanks to all the IBC contributors The Brouhaha, Club Lefty,, L’esprit de Christophe, On The Left Tip (RenaRF), The Rudicus Report, Stinkin’ Desert Post, The Truth is Out There, and last but certainly not least, Wot is it Good 4 by Luke Ryland.

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