Thanks to catnip’s diary for highlighting the concerted LIES and DECEIT by George and Tony, which has been touched upon multiple times, no one would comprehend, perhaps not ready for it yet.

The coordination in intelligence to excuse the Iraq War and its horrible occupation, civilian deaths and brutal aftermath has been clear from the beginning. Please also include Likud, Sharon and Israel as a major player in the true coalition to invade Iraq, bogus threats and War of Propaganda.

I have written a number of diaries about the propaganda and quoted extensively from Sam Gardiner’s articles.

I am willing to state once again, look deeper into the 911 attacks, as my strong believe is these were allowed to happen by the U.S. and Israel. I even have doubts about the London bombings, the 7 July attack, because the so called bombing 14 days later was more of a hoax than a true deadly attack.

:: Anthrax Sourced to Ft Detrick, SAIC, Hatfill and Pharmacy »»
The anthrax is sourced to Fort Detrick, SAIC and Hatfill’s involvement, see also the links to the pharmacy industry and the importance for creation of FEAR. Tony Blair is a master in the use of fear to get the British version of the Patriot’s Act rammed through parliament where the Labor party dissidents are overruled by backing from the conservatives. Whose political agenda is Blair presenting to the British people?

911 Attacks and the London bombing in its true nature is our Reichstag’s fire! The Rise of the Vulcans.

See also the latest coordinated effort of lies by Blair in the so-called Iranian bombing devices of Basra. Complete bs and it sticks in the MSM because it gets repeated and repeated again until it is nestled in people’s mind.

Never forget the Gulf of Tonkin and the USS Liberty.

And yesterday’s comment ::


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    Update [2005-10-13 12:30AM PST by Oui]:

    Plame, Miller, Kelly, WMD Timeline ◊ by BooMan
    Thu Oct 13th, 2005 at 11:17:44 AM PST

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