Over the past month, many new and deeply troubling revelations about the GOP culture of corruption and cronyism have come to light. Rep. Tom DeLay, Sen. Bill Frist, and now Rep. Roy Blunt have been implicated in various scandals.  It is important to remember that Republicans, just over 10 years ago, entered into a contract with America that was supposed to represent a complete reversal of the Washington culture.  Today, we know Mr. DeLay himself has become one of the worst offenders driving the Washington culture towards further corruption.
In particular, Mr. Delay’s corruption has spilled out across the nation.  ARMPAC’s illegal, and immoral actions provided Republicans throughout the country with money that was used against their Democratic challengers.  Just in the last election cycle, our opponent Tim Johnson (R-15), received the largest ARMPAC contribution of any Illinois representative candidate.  The amount given to Mr. Johnson from ARMPAC was $25,000.  In rural Illinois, $25,000 is a significant amount of money for a campaign.  Local watchdog groups have called for Mr. Johnson to return the money as other Illinois Congressmen who received DeLay’s dirty money have done.  However, Mr. Johnson has yet to return the $25,000, or state his intention to do so.

Taking a look at some of our opponent’s donors during the last election cycle is quite an eye opener.  Overall, Mr. Johnson received nearly $287,000 from PACs. Some highlights include but are not limited to the following:  
Big Tobacco ($5000) – RJ Reynolds ($3000), Altria ($2000)
Big Oil ($7200) – Exxon Mobil ($1000)
Telecom ($9500)  – SBC Communications ($9500)
Gun Rights ($2000) – National Rifle Association ($2000)

After seeing that donor list, and adding in the $ 25,000 he received from Mr. DeLay, it is not surprising that Mr. Johnson voted with Tom DeLay 85% of the time.

If elected, Dr. Gill will serve as a true representative of the people of IL-15 and the American public as a whole.  Dr. Gill stands for creating a single-payer healthcare system that will eliminate unnecessary waste, and lead to affordable healthcare for every American.  As a practicing emergency room doctor, he is well aware of the fact that the healthcare system in our nation is in need of massive changes.  I refer you to the campaign website for further information on Dr. Gill’s healthcare plan.  

  Dr. Gill will not place the interests of big business or partisan politics above the interests of the people as it seems Mr. Johnson continues to do.  Help our campaign defeat Tim Johnson, and return the 15th district of Illinois to the constituents it rightfully belongs to.  Please consider donating to the campaign to help us challenge Tom DeLay’s biggest investment in the Illinois team of representatives.    

Written and posted by Friends of David Gill
Volunteer: Ben
Dr. Gill also posts using this diary.  Diaries are labeled with the writer and poster.  Dr. Gill will often answer posts.  

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