“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.” John F. Kennedy

America is financially imploding. Maybe that’s the best we can hope for until the next election, that is if America ever WAKES UP!

We, the people, are being shoved into an oligarchic society. Many of us see this and will not go silently into serfdom, but how the hell do we stop it?

We need to LOUDLY refer to Republicans as the Party of Greed while reminding ourselves that being a Democrat, the Party of Compassion, is for the people , by the people.

Time To Describe It The Way It Is

Reluctantly, we must confront reality. As contrary as it is to our values, affluent conservatives are blatantly conducting class warfare. It is affecting every element of our society, and the middle and lower classes are losing. During the 80s, rich nonworkers have won bigger, and workers have lost even bigger, than at any time since the depression.

Our disgust with the rich and powerful is outrage, not envy. The only “envy” involved is purely the invention of conservatives. They have effectively deflected the public’s anger from themselves by labeling it “envy,” an unbecoming vice, and directing it at liberals and Democrats.

To try to argue against these charges of “class warfare” and “politics of envy” without mentioning them is demoralizing for ourselves and a wimp-out. It also creates the impression that the charges are correct–or that liberal values are truly unfair.

Because of the negative connotations of these terms to most Americans, we need to pin them on the party that deserves them (changing “politics of envy” to “politics of greed”). It should be incredibly easy to do.


There will always be people who have more than others, the basics of life, including full participation in the governance of the country in which you live, but it should never be a luxury which is doled out based on how much you can pay.

It is time to add GREEDY to Republicans to every reference when regarding them the way they have added LIBERALS to Democrats.

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