I am so freaking tired of reading that the “Israelis (the Jews) did 9/11”  To those you simpletons that do not live in New York: the WTC had a staggered work day. Yes, the Mossad informed Israeli businesses of impending terror attacks when the USA dismissed them the Intelligence from Israel – there is video available regarding this, I just use your favorite p2p to find it.  Modern Hebrew takes alot of verbal cues from Arabic, since they are related languages.

Don’t you ever get tired of blaming Israel/the Jews? The Arab World has the Same problem: taking responsiblity.  I guess you have to say that the US is merely a proxy Army for Israel since the Administrtaion is Judenfrei… It’s easier than saying the Oil Companies are running the show.. oh, gee… American Big Business is being given a hand job by Bush, Cheney, et al…

As far as I am concerned, the our Govenrment is responsible siscne it dismissed the PDF regarding ObL. and dismissing the use of planes as weapons..

The Yankees are out of the World Series race – care to blame a Jew for that?  

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