Like most of us, gas prices are eating away at my budget so I’ve been looking at the new hybrids etc. But they are way out of my price range.

As I was searching alternative fuels I found out that my Ford Ranger pick up is already EQUIPPED to use ethanol or E85 fuel. Why didn’t I know that before?

I think I can logically figure out why I did not know this- never inquired, was never told, information kept from consumer maybe?

Anyways, you too may already be driving a vehicle that can use ethanol fuel. See below:

Vehicle listing is below. Unfortunately, if your vehicle is not listed, your vehicle is NOT E85 compatible.

Daimler Chrysler
General Motors


If you click on the above link and then click on the make of the vehicle it will tell you what models and years (Ford goes back to 1999) that can use ethanol fuel. You may have to check your vehicle identification number VIN to be sure.

Imagine my surprise when I found that my 1999 Ford Ranger VIN’s was a-okay. I was delighted. Now I won’t have to buy a new vehicle. But then I tried to find a gas station in New Hampshire and New England that sells ethanol gas and the closest place I found was in New York. Bummer for me. But you may be more fortunate.

You can check here for The Alternative Fuel Station Locator in your area.

After more googling as to why New Hampshire has no ethanol stations I found out that the Republican John Sununu has been against bringing this alternative fuel to New Hampshire. I wonder why? I plan on getting ethanol into New Hampshire and will be starting my letter campaign today.

I hope this information is helpful to some of you.

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