So Bill Clinton convened his ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ conference in New York last month. Brought together 1,000 world leaders. Those attending included Kofi Annan, Tony Blair, Condi Rice (oh how she must toss-and-turn questioning why she sold-out to the neo-cons), George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Paul Wolfowitz,General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, Al Gore and others. Subjects of discussion: lessening extreme world poverty, eliminating religious conflict, reducing global warming and promoting democracy.

Now, take a moment and think what President Bush might be hosting in 2013, five years after his second term ends
A crawdad festival? A Big Gulp chug-a-lug contest?

Am I being too harsh?

Probably not for someone who estimates that the George W. Bush Presidential Library will contain but one volume: “My Pet Goat.”

No, my sense is that bereft of the power and prestige of the presidency, George Bush will be the anti-magnet. He will have no attraction, no gravitas whatsoever and nothing to offer anyone, at least certainly not on a worldly basis.

Who will even want to be seen with such a backwards thinking, Luddite-approach-to-life individual?

Who will want to be tainted by close proximity to such a morally and intellectually bankrupt person?

His 2008 legacy: leaving this nation financially insolvent, simultaneously promoting intelligent design and scientific fluffery, playing extreme dodgeball with global warming, allowing foreign competitors to educationally trump this country, letting the nation’s infrastructure decay and rot, and Iraq.

History will be as unkind to Bush ’43 as the present.

Should I re-write the headline as “A Bill Clinton-Simple George Bush Comparison”?

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