Arnold’s Off-road Adventure: New Flash Video

Everybody loves a good flash video.  This one features Arnold in a Hummer, the California Golden Bear and a nice big cliff.  Let’s just say the bear fares better than the yellow Reform 1.  Watch, laugh, smile and pass it on to your friends, because every Monday needs at least one bright spot.

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For more campaign news:

Gov. Dean was in the house speaking out on the propositions yesterday, riling up 150 grassroots activists.

There is a bit of a scandal concerning some emails the Arnold campaign sent out, apparently illegally to 90,000 teachers.

If you missed it Friday, we have a the “Top 10 Reasons Disco Died, Just Like the Governor’s Initiatives Will.

And if you haven’t checked out our Millionaires for Prop. 75 site, you should.  Get some perspective on who exactly if funding the fight to silence union member’s voices.

One more for ya, ’cause we know you love watching videos.  You can always watch our ads on our television page, but we have added a new one to put up all of the footage and ads that never made it to the air titled “Cutting Room”.

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