Libby & Miller Already Knew Who Plame Was

Miller as one of the six reporters contacted and told about Plame did not write an article “smearing” Valerie Plame.

Idle Speculation

If Miller wrote an article attacking Plame, Miller may have worried that there was a possibility that someone could trace elements of Millers WMD articles back to information in CIA documents developed by covert CIA WMD expert Valerie Plame. (The run-up to the Iraq invasion was built in part on classified CIA WMD information.)

Millers initial concern would be about being exposed for publishing classified information (culled from Plame CIA documents). Miller has security clearance so she is privy to the documents contents. Or gains security clearance to justify viewing or possessing classified information.

More Idle Speculation

As the furor about outing Plame grows, Miller then worries about being traced to the W.H.I.G. disinformation campaign (Miller having gotten the CIA information via W.H.I.G.), and being tied to Plame via the WMD articles. Miller is now trying to conceal two items, knowledge of Plame’s identity and using CIA classified information for her articles.

One possibility is that Plame is known to the entire W.H.I.G hence Miller is technically correct in saying that Libby did not give her Plame’s name because both Miller and Libby got it via W.H.I.G. When Miller writes “Valerie Flame” she is annotating her notes with a name both are already familiar with (and how convient that a scrawled “P” looks like an “F”?)

However, how Plame’s name was disseminated is another matter — involving both Libby and Rove. Bob Novak would have to have two independent sources for confirmation hence the further involvement of Libby. Keeping in mind that both Rove and Libby would have learned Plame’s name as members of W.H.I.G.

Even More Idle Speculation

And Libby and Rove as members of W.H.I.G already knew Plame was covert. As did Miller… who also told the New York Times publisher and editor?

Keep in mind Jeff Gannon. His real name and his associations were revealed very early in the investigation. His talking points could be traced back to the spin campaigns coming directly out of the White House. Whatever Miller is trying to hide has something to do with her early involvement with whoever was involved with W.H.I.G. and the WMD propaganda campaign. It’s one and the same. WMD — Plame. Wilson — article. Smear Plame. Discredit Wilson.

Pure Karl Rove via Danny Boy, Jeff Gannon.

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