Give this WH photo a caption!

Listen/watch at C-SPAN or White House live video. (Afterwards, this will morph into an Open Thread.)

BELOW, breaking news! Patrick Fitzgerald has arrested the original CIA leaker:
I give UP! Don’t shoot me, Mr. G-MEN! I did it! I did it!

Stop this! I did it!

Ouch …. yes, Judy Miller told me first and I told Karl and Scooter.

Ouch … yes! It was Sulzberger who made Keller clam up and print Judy’s poopy stories!

NO! She wasn’t running amok. She was in league with all the Neocons! And Sulzberger knew it and let it happen, handcuffing Keller’s editorial powers.

(Slide Show at the WaPo)

Look, I know I shouldn’t have given them up, but Washington, D.C. is just about the MOST DEPRESSING PLACE to be these days! Everybody’s so edgy, testy, nervous, and despondent. Pssst … I hear Karl has the best supply of Xanax. Sigh.

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