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Here in Sarasota, we are fortunate to have Sarasota News and Books(SN&B), which is owned by Caren and Dick Lobo, a couple that has been very sympathetic to Democratic and progressive causes.  In addition to the bookstore itself being a great place to find publications and have a cup of  coffee, SN&B brings in a number of authors that are of great interest to us.

So this is a good time to advertise for some west central Florida meetups!  More below the fold.
SN&B/Forum 2005 sponsored events.  Tickets are required; visit the Forum 2005 website for details:

October 26, Holley Hall, Sarasota, at 7:30PM: Bill Press, to discuss his new book How the Republicans Stole Christmas: The Republican Party’s Declared Monopoly on Religion and What Democrats Can Do To Take It Back.

November 16, Hyatt Hotel, Sarasota, 7:30PM: Hodding Carter III, former State Dept. spokesman during the Carter administration.   Title of his speech is “The Fight for the Future of Public Broadcasting”.

November 29, Hyatt Hotel, Sarasota, 7:30PM: Barbara Ehrenreich, to discuss her new book Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream.

December 6th, Hyatt Hotel, Sarasota, 7:30PM: Gene Sperling, National Economic Advisor in the Clinton Administration.  Title of his speech is “The Pro-Growth Progressive: A Strategy for Shared Prosperity in a Changing Economy”.

Sarasota News and Books sponsored events:

December 5th, Temple Beth Shalom, 7:00PM:  Sen. Barbara Boxer will discuss her new novel, A Time to Run.  Tickets available from the Temple, 941-365-4955.

I don’t know if I can make all of these talks, but I definitely plan on seeing Ehrenreich and Boxer!  There are some great places to eat and get drinks in Sarasota both before and after the events.  I expect that any of these speakers can give us a lot to talk about.  Also, you can pick up autographed copies of their books (where applicable) at the events.

Interested?  Contact me at aravm98[at]  Even if I can’t make an event, I’ll be glad to serve as a clearinghouse for those of you that can, help give directions, etc.  Just let me know.


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