A Warwick, NY high school student — and member of the Bruderhof community — created this stunning graphic for his school’s newspaper. From the Oct. 18 Times Herald-Record:

   Set on a backdrop of neat rows of tombstones, a full-page ad in October’s The Survey, Warwick Valley High School’s monthly student-run newspaper, reads:

    “You can’t be all that you can be if you’re dead. There are other ways to serve your country. There are other ways to get money for college. There are other ways to be all you can be.

   THINK ABOUT IT. Before you sign your life away.”

   The ad was created and paid for by a Warwick student who is a member of the Bruderhof community, a Christian-based communal order in Sugar Loaf that preaches pacifism. …

And, reports the newspaper for the Hudson Valley and Catskills, “[T]he ad has sparked controversy in the school district and the community and provoked lively First Amendment debates among students and teachers in the classroom.”

— Sent to me by Norma who spotted it at Blah3.

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