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Dennis HastertWhat Is Dennis Hastert Smoking?

Don’t you just love watching the GOP tangle itself up in it’s own lies. Rep. Dennis Hastert now wants to blame the Democrats for the failures prior to Katrina and he also wants to lecture us on fiscal responsibility! Excuse me but where has Hastert been for the past 5 years? The Bush administration, a Republican administration mind you has put us into a war of choice that has cost us over 200 billion dollars. Along with that the Bush administration erased the Clinton surplus and pummeled that surplus into a massive deficit. Here is the quote from Dennis:

“The Democrats on the other hand have done nothing since the onset of this disaster but urge us to abandon fiscal responsibility”

Well excuse us Dems for trying to help the victims of Katrina! The GOP has been hard at work cutting taxes for their rich buddies and now they are trying to balance Katrina’s cost on the backs of the nation’s poor. I say give Hastert two big red ones for his irresponsibility and the nonsense that comes out of his press office.

Tom DelayTom Delay Continues To Sink

Delay and his attorney are complete morons. Look at what his attorney called the charges being put forth against his client:

An attorney for an indicted associate of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said in court documents Tuesday that charges against his client should be dismissed because they are a result of “outrageous government conduct.”

Well then what the hell would his attorney call Delay’s actions while he has been serving in the House. To see how Delay has his fingers in just about every corrupt move in DC go to the DCCC’s and check out that map.

Delay’s attorneys can blabber all they want about “outrageous government conduct” but lets not them forget about Delay’s history in the House and his history with Abramoff and other scumbags. Give Delay a two for being just about the most corrupt GOPer that we know of and for the “outrageous” remarks by his attorneys.

Jack CarterCarter for Congress?

If the blogosphere needs someone to rally around then it’s going to be this guy. Jack Carter is the son of former President Jimmy Carter and is considering a run for the Senate in Nevada. Carter is planning to run against Sen. Ensign who is vulnerable and up for reelection in 2006. Jack Carter made a recent stop in Elko, Nevada and hammered away at the Bush administration. Here is a choice quote:

“I think the most significant issue right now is this concept of responsibility in government. It’s not a matter of being conservative or liberal. Government needs to do the job and we’ve gotten away from that aspect.”

Sounds reasonable to me and it sounds better knowing that both Jimmy Carter and Sen. Harry Reid support his run for the Senate. It isn’t final on whether he will challenge Ensign in ’06 but I’d love to see a Carter in the Senate. I’ll give Carter one green star because he would make on hell of a candidate but expect to see him again on the DEM Report because I’m sensing that he will run but only time will tell…

False Terror AlertsThe Government That Cried Wolf

I don’t know about you all but I’m tired of these false terror threats that end up being the result of bad intelligence. First it was the false information that led to the NY Subway scare and now ABC News reports that yesterday’s Baltimore terror scare was based on faulty intel also.

I’m glad that these false alarms have turned out to be just that, false alarms but these “scares” can’t continues. Every time we have one of these so-called “terror scares” our government loses credibility with its citizens. I say give them two red stars until they get their act together. The Bush administration has had four years since 9/11 to get their act together and we are still languishing in the dark relying on pitiful intel to protect our citizens.

Iraqi PeopleKudos to the Iraqis

Personally I thought the Iraqi elections meant very little in the long run and they mean even less in the ultimate goal of our departure but lets give the Iraqis some credit for showing up last Saturday. I’m not saying the elections were perfect because their was undeniable fraud but getting Iraqis to participate in an election is something to be proud of whether you agree with the war or not.

Wesley Clark said it best in this past weekend’s Democratic radio address:

“Today in Iraq, a large turnout is expected as Iraqis vote on a new constitution. And that seems to be an important step toward a Democratic Iraq, bet let’s not kid ourselves about the difficulties that lie ahead.”

As a testament to the difficulties that lie ahead in Iraq the US military reported yet another dead US Soldier and more violence was reported throughout the country on Tuesday.

The fraud that I mentioned above hasn’t been “confirmed” but then again is electoral fraud ever “confirmed” before it’s too late? We will have to wait and see what happens with the audit but in the meantime lets give the Iraqis a big green one for showing up and voting last Saturday. The difficulties that lie ahead are enormous and having an incompetent President doesn’t help but the Iraqis deserve Kudos for showing up.

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