effort by Rumsfeld for what he has called Total Information Dominance? This was John Poindexter’s area of expertise even during the Iran-Contra scandals and his departure from this administration before the War on Iraq may have been to coordinate this effort from outside using PR firms like Ketchum.

As Miller’s role becomes clearer, one gets the sense that she was a virtual one woman assault team popping up at opportune times doing the bidding of the Bush administration.Her being a NYT reporter and, a well concealed mole inside that organization, virtually guaranteed favorable coverage for the Bush Administrations’ point of view.And because the NYT had been held up as a paragon of the Liberal establishment,such favorable treatment from one of the enemies of the Bush Administration could be cited by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Condi endlessly to buttress their claims.

I think Judy had it down to a science.

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