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Most people here think that Paul Hackett is a pretty neat guy. Generally, they’re pretty fond of Sherrod Brown too. The primary between these two could be a good thing, if it gives Hackett a chance to show his chops and Brown a change to prove his widespread appeal. It will, however, definitely not be a good thing if they lay into each other and leave themselves exhausted for the general. That’s where we come in. Candidates look at the blogosphere like a piggy bank? Fine. If Hackett and Brown don’t keep this primary clean, then no piggy bank for you!

The petition is at http://www.ipetitions.com/campaigns/hackettbrown/

The text is below the fold:
Whereas: The Democratic Party needs to make the defeat of Republicans their top priority

Whereas: Both Paul Hackett and Sherrod Brown would make outstanding candidates top oppose Mike DeWine for Ohio’s Senate seat in 2006

Whereas: The Democratic Party is prone to “circular firing squad” tactics

Whereas: A messy primary not only could cripple the winner going into the general, but would show a lack of good faith on the part of the participants

Whereas: 2006 also offers a tremendous number of other critical Democratic pickup opportunities

Whereas: The resources of Democratic activists are limited

The undersigned request that Paul Hackett and Sherrod Brown run a clean primary campaign free of attacks levelled at each other. Furthermore, the undersigned resolve only to donate tiem or money to either candidate pending the conclusion of a clean, attack-free primary. If either Mr. Brown or Mr. Hackett turn to negative attacks against the other, the undersigned pledge to withhold any financial support from the attacking candidate.

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