Enjoy! Tom is holding his press conf. now (8am PT)

Update [2005-10-21 12:4:41 by susanhu]: Oh, for pete’s sake, not another “suspicious package.” See CNN. So these two men park their car and then tell the police that there’s a bomb in the car? Huh? (I hope my scarcasm is warranted.)

ATinNM reports that, via FireDogLake, the car is parked close to the GJ building. And Susan T in Michigan just e-mailed me — cracked me up — “Maybe it’s Rove and Libby. After all, desperate times require desperate measures.” ATinNM also thinks this is a “nutcase.” That fits too. This has now MORPHED into an OPEN THREAD.

Update [2005-10-21 13:13:57 by susanhu]: HOLD YOUR BREATH! The police will “disrupt” the device in minutes!

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