In the CA-48th the final push for victory will come starting November 9. That’s the day after Gov. Muscles Statewide Special Election that is filled with toxic proposistions.

Until that is over the Unions, the Democratic Clubs, the volunteer base that we would rely on are fully engaged in a war, and I do mean war over that election. After that is over it is our hope that the SEIU, The Unions in general and our Democratic  Base can immediately suck in a little more oxygen and give us the help we need.

Since this blog is regularly visited by the competition forgive me if I don’t layout in detail the entire plan beyond the above portion…and it is just a portion that does not include the media, debates, mailings and other things.

There was a diary on dKos today asking for questions for DNC Chair Governor Dean. Apparently the poster was in a function with the Governor and was solicting good questions to ask. Mine was more specific to this campaign:

Why are you not supporting the last

Congressional race in the US, the CA-48 in Newport Beach California? Without Party support it is difficult at best.

The ’50 State Strategy’ takes on a  different meaning when a Candidate
that won his primary, has Union endorsements, national endorsement from
Progressive Democrats of America, Teachers for Excellance and many
others can’t get any Party support.

Just a question…not a judgement.

Governor Dean has done a great job and I’m sure this would be the first he’s heard of the race.

And this question is honestly asked. I sincerely doubt the Governor has ever been directly involved in any of the decision making about the race. Yet the lack of support for a Candidate, while not perfect, who is willing to spend his own money, throw himself into the race with such gusto and gather such Democratic support throughout the District who is still essentially ignored by the Party establishment brings into doubt the supposed ’50 State Strategy’.

We fight for the win. For those who read this we honestly ask for your financial support. We need that last mailing, that last unusual tactic to overcome the Republican Machine we face in this race.

We won’t give up. We ask the Blogsphere not to give up on us either.

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