Oy. It was discouraging to read “The Lies Peddled On Sunday Shows And How Democrats & Liberals Play Into Them” at Pre$$titutes, via the Daou Report:

Chuck Schumer on Meet The Press: “Bush, say whatever you want about him, does not back away from a fight.” Thanks Chuck, keep inflating your own opponent.

Howard Dean, bless his heart, appeared on This Week and continued to fumble and stumble on the Iraq question, playing into the narrative that Democrats are incoherent on Iraq. Can’t he just flat out say it was illegal and immoral and the sooner we end this catastrophic misadventure the better? Why legitimize the so-called “political process,” a process by which Iran is gradually tightening its grip on Iraq? Dean rambled on about how our position should be contingent on the success (or lack thereof) of the Iraqi electoral process. Isn’t that Bush’s line?

My favorite line from today’s Meet the Press: “The politics of the war were taken more seriously by this administration than the war itself.” (George Packer) … OPEN THREAD:

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