The Palestine Hotel in Baghdad — home to many, many journalists — has been struck by up to three car bombs. They also reported that many journalists are taking refuge in hallways. “Very dangerous, very frightening” situation. They are noting that Bush has just come out of a cabinet meeting. I’m hearing this on MSNBC. Anyone else hear more?

Update [2005-10-24 11:9:38 by susanhu]: Bush spoke very briefly after leaving a cabinet meeting, announcing that he’s declared Florida a disaster area. He didn’t mention Baghdad. And, at 1pm ET, Bush will announce his choice to replace Fed chair Alan Greenspan. I think all the cable news shows will carry that live. As ejmw asks below, “Any bets?”

Update [2005-10-24 11:46:24 by susanhu]: It’s Ben Bernanke, per MSNBC, which provided the PHOTO LEFT.

Bernanke was a professor of economics at Princeton and chairs the WH Council of Economic Advisors. The WaPo has more.

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