Hey everybody =)  I’m cross-posting this note I sent to Texas Kos in the hopes that it’ll get more eyes on it.

I am hoping that this post will interest Texas liberal bloggers subscribed on Booman Tribune.  I’ve been speaking with Henry from blogads about creating a Texas Liberal Blog Advertising Network.  He really likes the idea, and the success of the mini-networks on blogads has inspired them to create even more networks.  He’s going to get it set up over the next few days, and I’ll own the list.
I’d like to invite as many people into the network as possible.  I feel very strongly that since blogging can become a job, we should try to make money doing it (or at least enough money to cover our costs).  I’m on the Liberal Blog Advertising Network, and I make enough money each month to pay my webhosting fees.  It’s a big help considering that we are all experiencing the energy pinch right now.

Anyway, I want to have an open discussion about network standards before laying out the rules.  I’m modelling it after the Liberal Blog Advertising Network, but I’m open to input because I want to make this network as inclusive as possible.  Off the top of my head, here are the standards I’m thinking about applying:

   1.  Minimum of 1000 hits per week (this is also what blogads recommends)
   2.  Must display a “Texas Liberal Blogs Advertising Network” button on your front page (similar to the Advertise Liberally network).  BTW, I suck at graphics.  Can someone create a small gif or jpeg for the network?  I’m thinking a small Texas flag with the network name emblazoned (either a full or shortened version) on it.
   3.  Site must be a blog!
   4.  Posting frequency – I’m not sure if I want to set any standards here, but am open to ideas and input from the list.
   5.  Must be liberal in orientation – no right wing blogs allowed.
   6.  Content must be over 50% politics. In other words, if you write about pop culture or another subject that’s fine, but the majority of the content must be related to politics, news, and current events.

I think that’s about it.  Like I said, I’m open to suggestions on standards.  

I want to get this network up and running ASAP.  If you are interested in joining, please let me know via email (check my profile) or a comment on this thread.  I’ll need to know your URL and email address that’s used to login to blogads in order to invite you.

Thanks in advance to all who are interested!

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