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It’s Action Alert Time! And away we go:

Update [2005-10-26 18:20:10 by Cedwyn]: The original diary I linked to here went kaput. I have now fixed the url to go straight to Conyers’ letter. Please sign it and share it!

Congressman John Conyers is, as always, on it!  He is asking voters to demand that shrubya not issue pardons regarding indictments in LieraqGate.

sign his letter to shrubya

As the Fitzgerald investigation nears its conclusion, I am becoming increasingly concerned that Bush will prevent the exposure of wrongdoing in Treasongate by pardoning any indicted members of his administration before trial.  I wrote a letter in July asking the President to pledge not to pardon these persons.  I have yet to receive an answer so I have organized a letter writing campaign demanding an answer.  Over 4,000 people have already signed so I’d like to generate at least 10,000 letters to Bush.

As some of you may recall, the President’s father, President George H.W. Bush, pardoned officials under indictment in the Iran-Contra scandal. Some of those pardoned by Bush Sr. include officials in the present White House, like Elliott Abrahms, as well as others who have been purportedly linked to the falsification of the Niger documents.  Those previously indicted and pardoned seem to be nearby when further crimes are committed against our country.

Update [2005-10-26 18:20:10 by Cedwyn]: We won! In the face of being defeated by a house vote, shrubya backed off from the Davis-Bacon suspension! Go Rep. Miller! Please do send him some love.

Action Item #2

We have until Nov. 4th to prevail upon our House Reps to vote down shrubya’s gulf coast minimum wage waiver.  As you know, he suspended the Davis-Bacon Act for Katrina reconstruction efforts.  This is unconscionable and flies in the face of all the “trickle-down,” “we need tax cuts for the 1%” mythology.

Please contact your Reps and tell them that this is reprehensible.  And send Rep. George Miller (D-CA) some support while you’re thinking of it.

Action Item #3

Call the White House and FEMA, shrubya and Chertoff, and tell them that, as a U.S. taxpayer, you are appalled that your money is going to Brownie’s paycheck.

While people were dying in New Orleans, Brownie was dining in Baton Rouge.  No take-out for him; no.  He needed more time for his sit-down restaurant dinner before he made his TV appearance.  Heckuva job, Drownie – shameful and shameless all at the same time.

Brownie needs the firing that he didn’t get the first time around – bring the noise!

FEMA – 202-646-2763; FEMAOPA@dhs.gov

White House – 202 456 1111

Action Item #4

Contact NBC and insist that Andrea Mitchell issue a correction for her inaccurate reporting about Joseph Wilson IV.  Despite speaking with him herself on the air, she is still reporting the canard that Wilson claimed it was Cheney who sent him to Niger.

Mrs. Greenspan should know better; 5 minutes with Google demonstrates this inaccuracy.  Here’s a thought for Little Miss Journalist:  Maybe she could read Wilson’s book?!  You know, do some research and stuff.

And #5 – Local to Eugene, Oregon

Please help EFAHP protect the wildlife habitat and natural resources of the East Fork Amazon Headwaters Forest.  It is nearly 40 acres and one of the most pristine sites left in the Eugene Urban Growth Boundary, but is being threatened by development interests.

If you live in the Eugene Area, please contact the city council members.  Letters to the editors would also be good.  We non-locals can help by making a contribution to EFAHP and, of course, by getting this information out as far as possible.

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