According to an article in the USA Today on-line, the head football coach of the United States Air Force Academy thinks that his team is probably getting its ass regularly kicked on the gridiron because opponents have many “Afro-American kids [that] can run very, very well.”

In other military news, the Secretary of the Army released a report yesterday saying that he thinks the U.S. Army is in danger in any potential match-up with Nigeria, because Nigerian soldiers are “very athletically gifted blacks, while too many white soldiers in the U.S. Army have to rely on their brains and technology for effective killing skills.”  (In case any freeper happens to read this — the preceding sentence is pure bullshit).
Comforting to know that a high level person at one of the United States Military Academies is a) a subtle racist, and b) stupid enough not to realize that talking about his subtle racism to the national press corps will likely get him fired.

It gets better.  Later in the article, it mentions that the coach “was forced last November to remove a banner in the team’s locker room that read in part, ‘I am a member of Team Jesus Christ.’ “

Note to coach of team Jesus Christ.  Even Notre Dame recruits outside Catholic High Schools.  If you expand your recruiting pool beyond born-again Christian Fundamentalists, statistically, you’re going to get a larger sample, and are more likely to end up with accessing a few players of exceptional talent.

Good luck coaching at Bob Jones University next year.  Moron.

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