A Reuters news story today floats the speculation that, according to lawyers close to the case, not only are Rove and Libby in trouble but “former administration officials” may also be facing charges.

Rumours have been swirling around for the past while that some mysterious person from outside of the White House may be the source of the leak or had some part to play in it. Most of the other potential targets we’ve focused on lately are still currently in this administration: Bolton, Wurmser, Hannah etc.

So, who are these “former” officials? Colin Powell? Ari Fleischer? Richard Perle? Jennifer Millerwise? One of the WHIGS who has since left the administration?

All will be revealed, hopefully, on Friday when it is expected that Patrick Fitzgerald will finally announce his results.

Background information:

Fitzgerald’s DOJ site
FindLaw’s Plamegate Document site

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