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Golden Gate Bridge, October 18, 2004
Welcome newcomers! Please introduce yourself
Come on in!
Coffee & Tea under the window, platters of treats on every table
Newspapers are in their regular spot next to the door
Please recommend
May the 4’s be with you
Check out
our Frappr!

Have you voted for your BooBook Choice in the Tie Breaker Poll?
(Corrected version now up)

I would like us to consider Oh pure and radiant heart by, Lydia Millet

I’ve just started reading this strange and fascinating novel (so it
fits into the let’s read it together theme).  It covers topics
that are a natural for our group.  It’s fiction.  And an
award winner.  And one of the main characters is a librarian.
 And the first chapter is terrific!  And my friend at work
says it gets better and better right through to the end.

With it’s own movie, does Constant Gardner need more attention? It would seem more in keeping with our mission to support a well reviewed, but slightly more obscure book.

Read the review at the poll site.  Could we do any better?

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