These hired guns did their jobs, and tens of thousands of people died.  Why are they getting away scot-free?  These traitors pulled off the biggest hoax in history, and hardly a voice has been raised in protest.   This is a must read all the way through…..


The White House Iraq Group

Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.


Talk about putting one over on the American people.  This one takes the cake, it really does.  Did you hear anyone even mention the White House Iraq Group until recently?  Did you have a clue about who they were or what they were about?   Luckily, Scooter Libby screwed up somehow and got himself indicted, and now we know. Talk about a con job.

It seems that the White House Iraq Group was quite an impressive bunch with an even more impressive job. They had to sell the entire population of the United States a really big dose of snake oil in a very short time.  I kid you not.  That really was their assignment, and boy did they ever carry it out in style! .

The WHIG group met secretly, as is so characteristic of the Bush White House, and that might explain why so little was known about them. They worked with the diligence and dedication of any fawning Bush task force and they ultimately succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  Despite its reputation, WHIG snake oil was not as difficult a sell to Americans as one might imagine, especially after 9/11.  Good salespeople know their market. .

The group was organized in the summer of 2002, when the nation was still reeling from terrorist attacks and was largely distracted by the war against the Taliban.  In charge of the set-up was Andrew Card, the WH Chief of Staff.  Chairman of the committee was Karl Rove, then Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush. Together, these two opportunistic charlatans gathered the very best and most successful spin doctors ever assembled in one place, and the plan was set in motion. .

The goal was to market a new brand of snake oil developed by the neocons who had come into power in 2000.  With practiced confidence, they came together to sell the American people something they really didn’t want.  They plotted to sell them a war. .

Let me run that by you one more time: In August of 2002, six men and three women got together in Washington, D.C. to devise a plan that would sell the invasion of Iraq to the people of this country.  It’s totally mind-boggling, but that is exactly what they did. .

But this is not a TvNewsLIES scoop.  The story is not new.  The WHIG group was first identified in a Washington Post article in 2003.  So why were people not screaming in the streets?  But, we digress…


The nine merchants of death were chosen with care.  Some had high visibility while others worked in the background, but all were insiders with keys to the White House kingdom. Not unlike the cast of Mission Impossible, each brought a singular skill to the table.  But unlike the high-minded characters in the series, the WHIGs were engaged in a nefarious and despicable scheme to delude a nation.  .

Here, then, is a list of the men and women who teamed up to sell us a war: .

Karl Rove: then Senior Advisor to the President; now Deputy White House Chief of Staff in charge of policy. .

Andrew Card: White House Chief of Staff.

Condoleezza Rice: then National Security Advisor; now Secretary of State.

Mary Matalin: political strategist and consultant; formerly an advisor to the President.

Karen Hughes: then counselor to the President; now Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy.

Stephen Hadley: then Deputy National Security Advisor; now National Security Advisor.

Lewis (Scooter) Libby: then Chief of Staff and assistant for National Security Affairs to Dick Cheney; now resigned; founding member of Project for a New American Century.

James R. Wilkinson: Deputy National Security Advisor for Communication.

Nicholas E. Calio: Senior Vice-President for Global Government Affairs at Citigroup.

This infamous array of accomplished Americans did their dirty work in the House of the People.  They sat in OUR White House trying to devise a way to betray us all.  That’s probably the most insulting aspect of it all. .

Understand that this unearthly cabal was formed to use its cunning and its expertise to draw the United States into an illegal, immoral, and ultimately failed war against Iraq.  And keep in mind as well that it worked like a charm.

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