Hereby I am answering neoconnedagain and his-her odd find of an anti-Zionist style report on laser detonated explosive charges. I am sad by the language used, but thought it worthwhile to look into the content. Here is what I found on another website —

I get the shivers reading material on this website, I’ll do a DNS & WhoIs to check its origin.

  1. 5 Marines Ambushed By Remote-Controlled Bomb
  2. Mercs Ambush Marines

I have a vague recollection this event was reported but not pursued in MSM – perhaps useful to check a site like Daily Kos.

Unbelievable? Please proceed below the fold »»
I’m thinking of the propaganda initiated recently by UK Intelligence and MoD in Basra, accusing the Iranians of supplying electronic devices for detonation of precision remote controlled bombs used by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Minister of Defense referred to the electronic devices as infra red. A dozen UK soldiers were killed by these new devices, links in with the capture of two SAS agents in Basra. Also puts a different light on the Hariri killing in Lebanon, only one intelligence service has managed assassinations in Lebanon these past 25 years: the Israeli Mossad. A mother of all smoke screens, using the expression of MP Galloway.

Q. Motivation or purpose by subversive acts?
A. Keep US troops occupied in Iraq and set up permanent bases and not leave for the comimg 10 to 15 years.


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