Allow me a chance to thank Arthur Gilroy and Knoxville Progressive for their insights into some powerful music and also to pimp my blog. See, every once in a while I feature some artist whom I really dig on. See a few of them on the flipside:

    1. Arthur Doyle here and here
    2. Franklin Kiermyer
    3. Steve Reid (a former Detroit-area drummer who now records and gigs in Europe)
    4. Henry Grimes
    5. Marion Brown
    6. Matthew Shipp
    7. Pharoah Sanders
    8. Milford Graves
    9. Alice Coltrane
    10. Grachan Moncur III
    11. Steve Williamson
    12. Alan Shorter
    13. Don Cherry
    14. The Oneness of Juju
    15. Maulawi Nururdin
    16. Clifford Thornton
    17. Sam Rivers
    18. Faruq Z. Bey

And that’s essentially a sampler. I also post playlists to my radio show that I do each Friday night during the fall and spring semesters where I provide the only jazz on the local airwaves (with a few other choice cuts from hip-hop and electronic music that strike me as having some lasting value). Basically, I dig that same positive vibe that Arthur and Knoxville Progressive are digging. At its core, jazz is a progressive music. And although I’m no musician and have no formal training in musical theory or any of that, I feel comfortable using whatever verbal skills I have at my disposal to describe what I like to whomever is willing read or listen.

If the spirit moves you, check out some of my jazz offerings at my blog; and always keep in mind that beauty is in the “ear of the behearer” (to nick an album title of Dewey Redman’s).

Peace and love, y’all!

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