I just received a mailing addressed to the person who used to live at my house from the Forrester for Governor campaign of New Jersey.  I thought that I was no longer naive about the depths to which Republican politician will sink, due to my education here and at other blogs.  But I am both sickened and amazed by what I read in this flyer.

The Republican candidate, Forrester, picked up on certain quotes from Corzine’s ex wife’s interviews with New York City newspapers and splashed them all over this ad.  It says that Jon Corzine:

let his family down, and will probably let New Jersey down too. [He] will do whatever and say whatever to get elected. He surrounds himself with people he pays or needs, then on to the next.  It’s all about him.  He’ll never be satisfied.

I mean, this is his ex-wife.  Anyone who has been divorced or who is friends with divorced people knows how their bitterness can completely distort their opinions of their ex.  It was stupid of her to talk to the newspapers.  But it is absolutely disgusting for a political opponent to use these types of statements in a political campaign.

I mean, this entire mailing, which I am now holding in my outstretched fingers like it was a stinking fish, is entirely a personal attack.  Am I naive to be so horrified?  Is this what politics is like in the USA?

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