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ePluribus Media Calls for Nonfiction Books and Reviewers

As the publishing industry evolves, so should book reviews. In the past, book reviews have been tightly controlled. A narrow range of reviewers took in an even narrower range of books, providing predictable responses to standard publications.

In the last few years, publishing possibilities have exploded. Anyone can publish a book on the Web, using Print on Demand (POD)technology, offering their books for sale even on Amazon. But review possibilities have not. “Regular” reviewers aren’t interested — and neither are bookstores. Some POD publishers have developed co-op marketing possibilities, but expense puts them beyond the reach of many new authors.

More “How To’s” below the fold.

In our reviews of nonfiction books, we look for works of merit outside the mainstream and try to give enough information about them to make informed reading decisions. In keeping with our philosophy, we   look for care in research and documentation and for meticulous argument.

If you are an author with a book you would like considered for review, contact us at reviews@epluribusmedia.org; we’ll tell you to whom to send it. If you would like to write reviews for ePluribus Media, contact us and we will send you information to get you started.

Guidelines for ePluribus Media Book Reviews

  • All books must be nonfiction.
  • Reviews must have a strong descriptive element. Remember, these are not books easily browsed at a local bookstore.
  • Evaluation must center on the care of the argument as much as on the validity of the conclusion.
  • The review cannot be a soapbox.
  • Each review must contain comment on the book’s research methods.
  • Any claim made in the review must be verifiable by ePMedia fact checkers.
  • Some information on the author is generally useful for  readers of reviews.
  • Each review must contain a brief description of the reviewer.
  • Reviews must be between 600 and 1200 words.
  • Publishing and ordering information (including a link) must be provided.

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