Let’s see – the regime that has given us or promoted the following scientific advances:

  • Intelligent Design (biology)
  • Video Diagnosis (Frist procedure to test for brain activity)
  • “Global Warming is a myth” (climatology)
  • too many disastrous environmental decisions to name…
  • Kabbala Holy Water to protect FL citrus crops (agriculture)

…has now moved into the realm of physics, as reported by UPI:

The journal Nature said patent 6,960,975 was granted Nov. 1 [seven months to the day too late – KP] to Boris Volfson of Huntington, Ind., for a space vehicle propelled by a superconducting shield that alters the curvature of space-time outside the craft in a way that counteracts gravity.

One of the main theoretical arguments against anti-gravity is that it implies the availability of unlimited energy.

“If you design an anti-gravity machine, you’ve got a perpetual-motion machine,” Robert Park of the American Physical Society told Nature.

Park said the action shows patent examiners are being duped by false science.

False science?  Now who could accuse our dear leaders of that?

I’m sure I’m forgetting other examples; feel free to add to the list…

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