I’m reposting this here from Daily Kos.. only because we have a fair bit of Canadian readers here.

 I want to start off by saying I’m being half-sarcastic with this title, as you’ll soon find out. The gist of the story is that 1 of our members 4 months ago decided to add Progressive Bloggers to the Wikipedia describing the fairly new affiliation and also about the Canadian blogosphere in general and the liberal left side of the blogospher specifically.

A fierce fight ensued from some members about how relevant this was to be added.. plus there seemed to be some background noise because of it being a Canadian entry not being important in the large scope of things (I didnt realize Wikipedia was US-centric.. but no matter).
From some research some of our intrepid Progressive Bloggers did.. a couple of the main people trying to get this entry deleted were shown to be conservative ideologues… It was also shown that there was already a biography of a “well known Conservative blogger in Canada” who apparently got voted in without nary a complaint… and since then, its been shown that the Blogging Tories – for the most part our ideological conterparts up here – is also a recorded entry, and it is NOT facing a request for deletion.

I almost feel like we’re at PBS or something. 🙂

These folks must have really got rubbed the wrong way from losing the vote the last time to allow us on, because I guess the instant the moratorium was up on asking for things to be deleted (every 4 months I believe) these same folks are again filing for deleting our entry.

I will state categorically that I and my boss at Prog Blog didnt really care at the time of our group being nominated whether we were voted on or not. I mean, it was flattering.. but it wouldnt have crushed us if we didnt make it.

This effort however of re-asking for deletion, with its obvious attempts at right-wing ideological purity, and hints of snobbishness and elitism, kinda burns me up a bit.

Either take both us and the Blogging Tories and the Canadian conservative blogger’s biography off (how THAT is relevant when a left wing association of blogs in Canada isnt is a tad puzzling to me) or leave everything on.

So.. why I am diarying this is I am asking you for your support. I know you all have issues down here much more … important then this minor spat. But, if any of you have active Wikipedia accounts, (particularly our Canadian brethren who read here) perhaps you could stop around Wikipedia and send a comment and vote in support of keeping our entry, and halt this obvious ideologically-based driven attack by a self confessed conservative supporter, who is campaigning for the removal of a website antithetical to his ideology.

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