The latest poll from Survey USA has Bush now at 37 approve, 60 disapprove. Not too different from what we’ve been seeing, but these results break down by state, and I think they’re breathtaking. They go a long way to explain the sudden seeing of the light by GOP and DINO pols.

According to the survey, Bush gets positive ratings in only 4 states: Idaho, Utah, Mississippi, and Montana — and even his Mississippi numbers, 48/50, are statistically a dead heat.

Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but I find these numbers absolutely amazing. Bush is way down in places like Indiana (45/53), Texas (44/52)!, and South Dakota (45/53). And take a look at these red state shockers: Nevada, 39/59. Missouri, 38/60. Florida, 37/61. Ohio, 36/63.

These are landslide numbers, and they they are as wide as they are deep. Except for 3 states, GOP incumbents across the country are gonna have to try their damndest to distance from the Regime next year. Nobody should be talking about which congressional seats are in play any more. They all are, and the Dems need to act accordingly.

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