In “The New Map,” Evan Derkacz notes that there’s No more Jesusland…

Dreaminonempty, who has more than just the map at left, writes:

‘The Survey USA 50-state polling is out for November, as noted before, and it’s not good news for Bush in more ways than one. His ‘base’ of strong support has dwindled to a grand total of two states. He is also losing ground among Republicans, notably in the South. And the number of respondents who are identified as Republican is decreasing. Will Bush ruin his own party?'”

I checked out Dreaminonempty‘s diary and Evan’s correct — there is a lot more good news. Among that news:

Survey USA lets you see all the data in all the subcategories, and the number of respondents identified as Republican (summed over 50 states) is decreasing since the first 50-state poll last May. It’s about a 5% decrease. Maybe they just won’t answer their phones anymore? Maybe – but the number of people identified as Conservative or Pro-Life is not decreasing. So maybe they just don’t call themselves Republican anymore. And if they don’t call themselves Republican, I’m guessing they’re not as interested in voting, donating, or volunteering Republican anymore. And that’s at least 5% good news.

Heck, even my aunt and uncle — who are staunch Hawks and Republicans — tell me that “we can’t STAND BUSH either!” (They already know that Darcy and I don’t like him.)

How are the politics in your extended families? Are you seeing any “softening” or outright switching of affiliations?

And, I just have to tell you one of my favorite family political stories. One of my brother’s five sons fell at school and hit his head. Concerned about head injury, my brother and his wife had him airlifted to a Seattle hospital. The neuro doc had to assess his mental state, so asked my 11-year-old nephew, “Who is the president of the United States?”

And my nephew replied, … BELOW THE FOLD:
“That IDIOT!”

Everyone knew then that he was just fine. And he was.


P.S. Amy Goodman is on Hardball today with Chris Matthews. She’s becoming a regular on Hardball! It’s classy of Tweety to invite her so often!

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