This is the weekly summary of the Humanist Network News (HNN). The Humanist Network News (HNN) is published every Wednesday via e-mail and on the Institute for Humanist Studies (IHS) Web site. This diary is a slightly reformatted copy of the weekly email they send me, which I post here every Thursday (Yes, I have permission from the IHS). (CP @ MLW, BT, SP)

November 23, 2005
Humanist Network News
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HNN now “on the air”
SURPRISE! This week’s edition of Humanist Network News is an audio magazine (a.k.a. podcast). We hope all our readers will enjoy this new format, which delivers humanist commentary, announcements, and some great music right to your computer or portable media player wherever you go! MORE

MY TAKE: Quite a surprise. I haven’t listened, yet. In fact, I’m not sure when I will have an opportunity to listen (I don’t have an MP3 player). I like the written HNN. It gives me the opportunity to peruse at my own leisure and spend time only on the stories that interest me. This format seems less flexible in some ways.

Happy Thanksgiving.

About the IHS:

The IHS promotes nonreligious perspectives on social, political, and ethical issues and serves as a resource for and about the humanist community. Questions, comments, concerns, got a better joke or a story? Send a letter to the editor.

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