It’s becoming very clear. The political discussion has moved from Bush’s ‘generational commitment’and ‘we must stay the course’ to not if we are gettin out but when. When and how many troops. Amazing enough that the discussion has shifted dramatically but it does beg a few questions.

Fast forward a few months. BushCo starts pulling out or ‘re-deploying’ troops, his polls start to improve and Repubs call for more troop withdrawals, Bush/Cheney protest it’s too much too soon but continue pulling troop levels down while increasing the bombing runs. The ‘insurgents’ aka mostly Iraqis control more of Iraq but the troop toll goes down and that means a little more public support. What could happen next?
What happens next is Repubs run on the we’re winning, it’s working, it’s all ok. We’re transferring power, we’re pulling out in a constructive, controlled manner not like those crazy Dems who always want to cut and run. Result, they retain control of the House and the Dems lose the opportunity to do a jiu-jitsu reverse and start real investigations into the most corrupt, inept, and criminal admin ever. McKinley doesn’t hold a candle to these guys.

But they could retain control under the above scenario so how do we stop them? I don’t know but will suggest a few things. I do know that whatever we choose we should keep repeating it at every opportunity and interject them at other times.

  1. This is the most inept, untrustworthy Administration ever. They either lied or misled or wever but they are incompetent at best.
  2. Tom DeLay is a thief and a power junkie. If he and the others like him or beholden to him had been more concerned with the country than their pocketbook, we’d be a lot better off.
  3. The economy used to be better, we weren;t at war, the deficit was going down, in fact, a lot of things were actually better with the Dems. Maybe they’re for more like me and the bottom line is i don;t trust Bush.

I’m sure others can come up with more concise statements. For me it boils down to ‘Throw the bums out’ Now, before one more person loses their life for Bush’s War

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