Okay, here is the place to get it off your chest. If you have a problem with the ‘Orange Place’ post about it here. Get it out of your system. If you think it has been taken over by some DLC/NDN cabal of corporate interests, if you think that it been stripped of all intelligent life, if you think they are out to get you, if you don’t buy into the ‘New’ Armando, write about it here. Please, get it all out on the table. And if you think the virus is infecting this site, please say so. Get it all out. They hate progressives, they hate dissent, they are all about votes and not principle. Just say it!

And once you’ve said it, let it go. Help make this site better. Help us live up to your principles. But let’s not let this feud go on. I’m tired of this site being the outlet for anti-Kossackian activity. I’m a Kossack. I have my own issues and critiques. This site would not exist if I were not dissatisfied with Daily Kos. But I am about frog stalking, not Kos stalking. So, let’s have a bloodletting, and then let’s move on.

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