I watched with mild interest as starkravinglunaticradical’s mild rebuke to something that Cindy Sheehan said unleashed a veritable shitstorm of nasty comments on dKos recently. ( How Dare you, Cindy Sheehan? ) I say “with mild interest” because as far as I can see nothing much is happening over there other than an ever widening “liberal” circle jerk. And liberals apparently do not even jerk off interestingly.

Not as far as I am concerned, anyway.

But I see today that starkravinglunaticradical has posted the diary here under the title Talking Turkey, Eating Shit and Taking the Heat along with some observations about what went down on dKos.

And here are my observations about this whole sad sack of drowning turkey kits.

Read on.


Please let me `splain just what has become of dKos.

Short answer long…you injuns ain’t got enough VOTES to matter over there.

NO minorities are allowed on dKos that can’t help the centrists win a majority. Soon. Not ANY kind. Racial, conceptual, feminist, economic…you name it. If you’re not part of the consensus solution, you are part of ANOTHER problem, and they (the powers-that-be over there) DO NOT WANT any more problems.

Not if’n they get all uppity and challenge a concept that is held by the majority minority. YOU know…the ones who are going to win in 2006 and 2008?

Like the MCMAWMP. (Middle Class, Middle-Aged White Mothers For Peace). There are LOTS of them, and they all vote.

Now before I garner a mini-shitstorm here myself, let me assert that I am…as are you…all FOR Cindy Sheehan. Got absolutely nothing whatsoever against middle class, middle aged white mothers either. Why…I had one myself, don’tcha know.

But my own decidedly minority point of view is that if we do not confront the conceptual mistakes that our society and culture has made…racism being the very FIRST one that must be confronted (our Original Sin, as it were) because racism leads to economic imperialism, economic imperialism leads to a very angry (and righteously so) Third World (which totals about 4/5ths of the population of the earth), and that leads to trouble with a capital T right here in River City…if we do not confront these mistakes every day in every way possible, large AND small, then we are just postponing the inevitable. We will end up with a kinder, gentler BushCo in power under a “centrist” rubric and this Third World War in which we are presently involved will just keep right on escalating until one day SOME fool goes to the real nuclear option and then…and then there we jolly well will be, won’t we.

So what happened to you over there is much the same as what happened during the pie fight thing, what happened in the “tinfoil hat” wars that culminated in the July 4th Massacre.

A minority point of view has been trashed BIG time by an unthinking majority that simply DOESN’T WANNA HEAR ABOUT IT!!!

It’s bothersome.

It’s counterproductive to the aims of the vast. clomping middle.

And the shitstorm ensues.

“We don’t want to HEAR about this shit!!! We’ve got BIGGER fish to fry.”  

Like arguing over whether Joe Blowhard is really a good Democrat.

“We don’ need no steenking stark raving lunatic radicals ruining OUR Day of the Dead Turkeys. “


And so it goes.

Business as usual here in America

Until the shit REALLY hits the fan.

The Civil War.

The Depression

W.W. II.

The ’60s.

At which point…something happens.

Until then…ostrich time.

Keep on trying to pull those heads out of the sand, though.

Out of their own assholes.

It’s a dirty job, but SOMEONE has to do it.

And…have fun.

I am.

Today is a good day to die.



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