Cindy Sheehan has brought to focus the human cost of war.  That cost can never be measured.
The death of a soldier is not one life taken, but the beginning of every life touched, some are touched on a level of immediacy, some on the level of personal, some on the level of friendship, and most on the level of never knowing even a name, but understanding there is pain.  

There is no way that can be measured.

So, I want to focus on the cost of the war in dollars, and try to bring it home to you, so to speak.

Thanks to MyLeftWing  The cost of the war as of this posting is     $222,124,852,512  and change so fast, it is hard to type the complete number before it changes yet again.  

Some smart volunteers for my campaign have broken the number down as of 11.20.2005 – 11:00 EST.   The total was $220,838,000,000, so you can see how much it has grown since then!   That is $741.84 for every person.  Man, woman, and child.  
In one of the counties, Delaware County, which is home to Ball State, the cost to that county as of 11/20/2005 was  $88,122,432   All 19 Counties of our district are listed HERE

The cost in a single human life lost is immeasurable, and reason enough to end this war.

The dollars that fly out of America moment by moment is measured and our individual debt grows by the second.  

STOP THE WAR NOW.  It would be nice if we could simply pull every troop out tomorrow.  I do not think we can, and that is what The Republicans tried to trap the Democrats into, in the shameless Night of Schmidt.  

I have said before, but once again, on this site, of the most public of record, that I am for gradual, graduated, withdraw from Iraq, beginning immediately.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks again to the staff that worked on putting the numbers together.

Barry Welsh IN 0-6

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