Welcome back!

This week we are continuing with the Victorian home that was the subject of the previous diary.  (Seen directly below.)  The painting was at the stage seen in the second photo below the  at the close of last week’s installment.

This week there are many changes.  I’ve finally adjusted the horror movie sky that has been nagging at me for so long.  It is far lighter with some still lighter areas suggesting clouds.  I’m not sure if it will change before I’m done but it is certainly far closer to how it will ultimately appear.  The siding on the house has changed.  I added yellow ochre to the white.  I’ve also added various details in shades of purple.  There are still more to add.

The foreground has received attention as well as the tree to the left.  These along with the house in the far right background will still require much work in coming sessions.  The current state of the painting is seen immediately below.

I’ve kept things loose being stingy with small details.  The result works well on this larger scale.  Big brushes on a big canvas and details are bigger also.  (One wise commenter reminded me about this early on.)

And now for next week, please fee free to post your own photos of your art work in this thread.  I post at about 9:00 eastern time on Saturday morning.  Any kind of art work is suitable.  I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours!  I look forward to seeing it!

See you then.    

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