This was first posted as an appreciation and response to Gadfly’s diary (RESOLUTIONS ARE EASY; RESOLVE ISN’T) about the theatrical and parliamentary procedure shenanigans going on in Congress over Jack Murtha’s shift to the bright side last week. (Beware darkside members who appear to shift, by the way. Darth Vader and his cohorts most often have a hand right up their ass.)

I kinda liked the way it came out so…here it is.

Read on.

Here it is, Gadfly. The establishment Dems and Ratpubs are largely mirror images of each other. Left becomes right, right becomes left depending upon who is in power…who’s “winning”…but all of the movements and techniques are precisely the same. Whichever group is in power, that’s the “real” side of the mirror and the other side is the reflection. The mirror itself is owned by others. BIG others. Big BROTHER others.

You could take 95% of these politicians, insert them in the other party and inform them that it would without a doubt be in their best interests to change their rhetoric and positions, and they would fit in just fine. They are PROS. American League, National League…same game, slightly different rules.

One league has been winning for about 10 years…since the other league’s star player got caught in a totally bogus sex scandal. But the power is shifting now. Soon the OTHER league will start winning more interleague games.

 So it goes.

Until we either invent a new game or DRASTICALLY change the rules of this one.

There IS of course a relatively a new game in progress elsewhere…radical Islam…that is raiding both the potential patrons and the coffers of this one, and an all-out fight is in progress. Maybe the new game’s success will force this game to reform…the Black Sox, Charlie Hustle and the steroid dopers have NOTHING on the corruption endemic to American politics…and maybe it won’t. We shall see. But until some sort of basic reform happens or the entire league collapses, it’s the only game in town.

Personally, I refuse to bet on this game because I believe that the fix is SO in that only a real insider has the slightest chance of winning on it, but that’s just me. I am however, an avid watcher. Not just because the home team’s success or failure has an immediate and serious effect on my life, either. It is a fascinating game, and the corruption is part of what makes it fascinating. Watching the spitballers and bat corkers  the drug users and sign stealers in Washington do their thing is an amazing spectacle.

 They don’t call that TV show “Hardball” for nothing, y’know…



 P.S. Love your act…that hat. those glasses…

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