this diary is dedicated to all who suffer because of war and other disasters

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Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan (R) reaches out to comfort Juan Torres after he was speaking about the death of his son during a memorial ceremony in Crawford, Texas November 25, 2005. Sheehan became an icon for the peace movement after her son Casey Sheehan was killed in Iraq and she held a 26-day vigil near U.S. President George W. Bush’s ranch during the summer.

An Iraqi woman cries as she visits her wounded son Abdullah at a hospital in the city of Hilla, south of Baghdad. Abdullah is one of 13 Iraqis who were wounded in yesterday’s car bomb attack in a busy shopping district of Hilla.
(AFP/Qassem Zein)

A boy is consoled by his mother as he is treated at Yarmouk hospital, in Bahdad, Iraq, Thursday, Nov. 24, 2005. A car bomb detonated outside Mahmoudiya hospital in the center of a town south of Baghdad on Thursday, killing 30 and wounding 35, a doctor said. Among the dead were four police guards, three women and two children, said Dr. Dawoud al-Taie, the director of the Mahmoudiya hospital. Medical condition of this boy is unknown.
(AP Phoot/Mahmoud al Badri)

The Other Place
by William Logan

The leaves had fallen in that sullen place,
but none around him knew just where they were.
The sky revealed no sun. A ragged blur
remained where each man’s face had been a face.

Two angels soon crept forth with trays of bread,
circling among the lost like prison guards.
Love is not love, unless its will affords
forgiveness for the words that are not said.

Still he could not believe that this was Hell,
that others sent before him did not know;
yet, once his name and memory grew faint,
it was no worse, perhaps, than a cheap motel.
It is the love of failure makes a saint.
He stood up then, but did not try to go.

– – –
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