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“We Have Torture Conducted On Our Own Soldiers, Right Here In America, At Fort Lewis”

I posted letters written by Kevin and Monica Benderman on Friday the 25th in the Comment Sections of this Diary: KOS Diary and Cindy’s Diary Open Letter To George Bush

I than posted up a Diary of same Letters, with an Updated Thanksgiving Letter from Monica at the Booman Tribune HERE

Kevin and Monica Benderman
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Below you will find another letter, sent to Thomas at Military Project – GI Special that explains itself and is a direct result of the Case/Cause of Kevin Benderman that can be further studied at above links pertaining to the Benderman’s.

The full report of Vietnam Vet Tom Scott can be found at:


by Tom Scott

And did I mention torture,….can’t have torture because it’s against military regulations……unless you call chaining a soldier up with his arms and legs tied behind him for 4 straight days in a chair, making him sit in his own waste, is torture,…..then Yes, we have torture, both mental and physical abuse conducted on our own soldiers…right here in America, at Fort Lewis in Washington State. Violating all military regulations on our own soil. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

From: Monica Benderman

To: GI Special

Sent: November 25, 2005

Subject: investigative article

This is the first in a series of investigative articles about Ft. Lewis Regional Correctional Facility. Pretty appalling stuff — but we are still learning more – as are those investigating. We’re hitting them as hard as we can.


November 23, 2005 by Tom Scott,  Tom Scott is a Vietnam Combat Veteran and Senior Investigative Reporter for Choice America Network
It’s about a 20 minute drive south from Tacoma in the beautiful state of Washington. Amid the beauty of this great state sits Fort Lewis, a “once upon a time” for many veterans and currently a place called home to many of the finest military men and women in our Armed Forces.

I arrived in October as the leaves were awaiting their seasonal fall to earth and as about 4000 brave soldiers from the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division celebrated with their family and friends their return from the War of Lies.

Many physically untouched, many scarred for life and all unaware of the nightmares they will carry for the rest of their days. You could smell it in the air, you could see it in their young eyes, the mixed emotions, joy for being home, sad and confused from where they had been and why. It reminded me of my tours in Nam, my years in Hell.

On the grounds of Fort Lewis sits the Regional Correctional Facility that houses close to 200 American military inmates. About 2,828 miles west from where the War of Lies is orchestrated by the true criminals – the other Washington.

All these men in this facility are serving time in a military hell hole hidden away from the rest of world.

Many that live in the state of Washington don’t even know this hell hole exists. Millions upon millions of Americans don’t know it exists. Not many of your Senators and Congressman know it exists. Not many of these returning soldiers, when asked, ever knew the RCF existed or what exactly went on behind its gates.

There are other military RCF’s across our great country and I pray to God that what I have learned and witnessed at Fort Lewis, isn’t happening elsewhere in our America.

For it should be of concern to you that the U.S. has repudiated the Geneva accords and espoused the use of torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, and secretly through proxy regimes elsewhere with the so-called extraordinary rendition program.

It is not only embarrassing but sickening to see this president and vice president insisting that the CIA should be free to perpetrate “cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment” on people in U.S. custody but neighbor, it’s happening right here in our own back yard, to our own men in uniform.

Mind you, many a state prison and county jail across America are luxury hotels compared to what these soldiers are put through at Fort Lewis.

I was fortunate to meet up with several recently released soldiers and developed good relations with a few willing to talk that actually worked in this RCF.

For a Conscientious Objector to this War of Lies and placed in Fort Lewis, as I would be today, you just have to stop, think and say what hypocrisy this is.

The criminal mass murderers and liars to the world are alive and dining well 2,828 miles away and we are currently letting them ruin the America that we have espoused over the last 230 years.

At Fort Lewis, I heard one horror story after another and verified each with those who worked at the facility, brave enough to come forth and verify the truth.

So let me be blunt and give it to you straight up.

For example, the facility has many female guards – some of which have participated in an organized prostitution ring. A very well organized prostitution ring. Yes you read it right damn it. Several inmates have written in detail of such illegal activity to their Senators and Congresspersons. Female guards also watch the all male inmates take showers and use the latrine, they have no privacy. You would think that Lt. Colonel Stephanie Beavers, the Commanding Officer in Charge would correct this situation or is this the responsibility of Enos Hobbs, the Civilian Warden; or is this just our militaries way of humiliating its “prisoners” of choice.

According to office personnel, one of whom that was exposed for “playing” with the inmates now works in an non-existent program.

What the hell is a non existent program may I ask? Makes you wonder who exactly is in charge.

These soldiers are kept from seeing their families.

They are kept from seeing legal representation.

There is no heat. There are broken windows and windows that do not close, which at this time of year in Washington State it gets pretty damn cold at night. They are given no blankets.

There is a non existent educational program – did I mention that? Inmates are kept from seeing the Chaplin of their choice and if they do get to see one, it takes months of paperwork and background checks to make sure that Chaplin of Choice is not going to attempt to “spring” the inmate with the help of God.

There are leaking sewage pipes with fresh raw sewage dripping from the ceilings, leaking toilets and sinks that flood the cells of inmates.

Regulations state firmly that there is to be one shower head per 8 inmates but one honest guard reports that on several “blocks” there are only 4 shower heads for 50 inmates. You have shower water building up under the bunks.

And did I mention there was no heat.

Abusive Guards become Counselors.

Numerous uncalled for head counts within a single day – sometimes up to 40, as if the great escape was in the works – no State Prison conducts that many head counts in one day.

And remember, these are American soldiers, they know the drill.

Many suffer from PTSD without help. Some have been framed by the military itself. Telephone calls are monitored when allowed and cut off after 20 minutes and cost roughly $25 per call.

And did I mention torture,….can’t have torture because it’s against military regulations….

……unless you call chaining a soldier up with his arms and legs tied behind him for 4 straight days in a chair, making him sit in his own waste, is torture,…..then Yes, we have torture, both mental and physical abuse conducted on our own soldiers,…right here in America, at Fort Lewis in Washington State. Violating all military regulations on our own soil. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is far more to report, all because of this Neo Con War of Lies.

I repeat, all of this madness stems from this War of Lies and we have let this Neo Con Administration attempt to divide our precious America. Wake Up, America! Unite!

Retired U.S. Army Col. Larry Wilkerson, who served as former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff, told CNN that the practice of torture may be continuing in U.S.-run facilities. He said and I quote: “There’s no question in my mind that we did. There’s no question in my mind that we may be still doing it,” Wilkerson said on CNN’s “Late Edition.”

Lt. Colonel Wilkerson, visit Fort Lewis right here in America and see for yourself. Sir, make a surprise visit today. And being of military you should know the Art of Surprise, sir.

So I leave this information in your minds and in your hands my fellow Americans.

I, being a Vietnam Combat Vet, won’t stand for such madness and suggest that you learn to take matters into your own hands and call every Senator and Congressperson you can think of in every state and report this abuse.

It is past time that we the people held our elected officials accountable for their actions and the actions of our own militaries lack of honorable leadership and demand they stop these Crimes Against Humanity immediately.

Fort Lewis, RCF; America and the World is watching.

God help your Command and those that conspire to follow such madness.

Military personal are but a reflection of the Society, that’s where they come from. Many, actually most, are but still wet behind the ears, if you will, as to Life Experiances when joining the ranks.

Are some of those being held at Fort Lewis, and other Military Prisons/Briggs, of a criminal mind before joining, I’m sure a few are and only a few, that either never got caught for previous criminal activity or didn’t really know it untill they reached the ages they are.

But especially after being sent into Conflicts that Completely Change a persons persona. Changes them from what they might have been to a More heightened degree of Understanding of Life/Death and what supposedly Intelligent, Compassionate, with a firm grasp of Right and Wrong, taught by their parents and those around them, know of what Humans can and will do to others, Completely Opposite of All that was Learned!! And for the Innocents, of these Conflicts, it is even more so, for they have no so called training of the expected and what is expected!

Many of those that have committed Criminal Acts or Crimes as established in the UCMJ within the Military, either In-Theater or upon returning Home, do so because of suffering from what they have done and seen, PTSD Invades the Mind and causes Suffering and Changes that last forever!

I’ve known fellow Vietnam Vets who were your Typical normal folks as kids  and early teens who, than and now, live Haughted by the Nightmares of what they saw or did! I’ve know a few fellow Vietnam Vets, back than, who came home only to request to be sent back because they couldn’t live in the normalcy of that around them, their Names are now on ‘The Wall’! I’ve known about a few Vietnam Vets, back than, who also upon returning couldn’t live the Normal Lives, they became ‘Hired Guns – Mercenaries’ for other Conflicts and other Countries!

I could go on but I think you get the point. Ask yourself  “Are those being held in Fort Lewis and other Prisons or Briggs, being of prior Military or still Active Duty, there because of a Criminal Mind and Intent or are they Suffering from PTSD and Not Getting Treated Correctly! Is what Tom Scott found the norm for treatment behind the walls of these Prisons or Briggs, I believe it is for it’s no differant than what we’ve heard in the past. Nor is it any differant than what we know about how others, in our charge, have been and are treated in the present!

We have Incompetants running our Foreign and Domestic Policies, these are not only in the present Administration but also the Congress! We are in Speed Control, not only in what is going on in Iraq, but also within this Corrupt Government! Money is Disappearing, Funding for Natural Disasters is Non-Existant and so is the Leadership and the List goes on!

What is or suspected of  happening within the walls of Fort Lewis should not be Tolerated and should be Investigated, along with Everything Else!!

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