This is a letter we sent out last night, inviting people to help end the culture of corruption in Washington. This isn’t just about Millionaire Cliff, though he seems to be buddy-buddy with Tom Delay. It’s more about what the campaign is fighting for, the right of every American to have equal Representation, not to have that right reserved for those who can buy it.

(I almost forgot: for the blog, is the website. Win in 06!)
This letter is not about contributing to my cause. You can do that, as well as read our campaign blog, find out about upcoming events and learn about issues affecting our country at Instead, I am asking you to support your nation; let the Democrats and Congress know that you do not support the culture of corruption sweeping Washington, DC.

Several weeks ago, Speaker of the House Tom Delay (R-TX), was indicted for various charges stemming from alleged contribution violations in various political campaigns. In September, David Safavian, the head of procurement for the Office of Budget and Management, was indicted for obstructing an investigation into a lobbyist who also is part of the Delay case. Finally, there is the recent indictment of the Vice President’s Chief of Staff, “Scooter” Libby.

Corruption is running rampant in D.C. and is present in the highest seats of power. This is not what our Constitution had in mind. The Founding Fathers wanted true representation for all citizens, not just the rich ones. For the Real People to get that representation, the corruption must end.

Your Congressman, Cliff Stearns, donated $5,000 to Tom Delay’s defense fund. He uses money you pay him to support the cover-up of big money corruption in Washington. I don’t think you want your tax money supporting corruption, and I know I don’t. Am I decrying Republican corruption alone? No, of course not. While the GOP seems more consistently corrupt, all those who breach the public trust by rewarding cronies and contributors for boosting them into the seats of power do not deserve the power they have been given by the People.

I believe that, and I think you do as well. Please sign the DCCC’s petition, let America and our Representatives know what you think. Tell them you want the funny money to be marked “Return to Sender.” Tell Cliff Stearns that subsidizing the defense of corruption is not what’s best for North Central Florida!

If you could do me a personal favor, I would appreciate it. In the “address 2” blank [of the link below], please type “I support Dave Bruderly, a New Voice.” That’s all, just one little sentence, to let the Democrats and the rest of America know that you want someone who will be beholden to you, the voter, not to special interests, and certainly not to corrupt politicians and lobbyists.

(Remember, type “I support Dave Bruderly, a New Voice” in Address 2!)

For those of you who support the cause of freedom, of representation and of a New Voice, Representing Real People, feel free to support my campaign as well! I appreciate your support for our nation, for our people and for their right to be heard,

Thank you for all your help!

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