Adding Alito to the Supreme Court terrifies me.

I feel a need to do something before the judicial hearings begin on January 7th. But what?
Congress returns on December 12th. They will remain in session till their work is concluded.

With a tip of the hat to “Antifa” for a diary written after the first “Fitzmas,” I was thinking of following “the Twelve Days of Christmas,” as I need something to lighten my fear.

“On their first day back from recess, I protested Alito by…”

December 23rd will be the 12th day. Perhaps a good day to stay home – no shopping.

But I am desperate for ideas. At this point I am not ready to do anything illegal.

What have you done? What are you planning to do? Do you know of any organized protests?

“People for the American Way,” which “JudiBrown” shared in a diary, has a petition to sign.

Thank you.

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