What with Booman on the move and all, I thought what better time than now to unveil my poetic prowess?  Since I have been hanging round the pond (from about late summer I think) so many wondrous things have been going on, I have become truly inspired.  And so, my initial attempt (more than likely my last) at poetry with shall I say, an edge?  I don’t know if this qualifies as a real diary, but I do have faith that all the kind souls here will allow this “more mature” frog his day. The Ode follows after the fold as they say.
AN ODE TO BUSHCO:  With Rhymes!

While our ozone layer was depleting,
the world was also overheating.
Penguins at the poles were sunning,
as the icecaps melted, and I’m not funning!

While Cindy Sheehan was camped waiting,
Dubya’s convoy went by with no hesitating.
Katrina’s strength caused concern arising,
and BushCo’s summer break was soo satisfying.

While New Orleans was sadly sinking,
GW was….er ah, Drinking?
Dress shoes Condi was busy finding,
as FEMA head Brownie scheduled fine dining.

While oil supplies were rapidly shrinking,
the White House staff was secretly leaking.
Right wingers they were finally indicting,
as Robertson invited Chavez to his own Crucifying.

While intelligent design in schools they were teaching,
our nation confused science with evangelical preaching.
Pollution’s effects we were still defining,
as life was evolving, or dying trying.

While Exxon profits last quarter were soaring,
consumer types at the gas pumps were roaring.
Giant SUV’s Detroit’s now stockpiling,
as Americans can’t afford what they’re driving.

While torture claims our prez was denying,
pictures from the prisons got more terrifying.
And talking heads support war with flag waving,
now our nation’s rep. is hardly worth saving.

And some folks say in Iraq we’re progressing,
now that’s mystifying and awfully depressing.
So as oil stores drop while demand is still booming,
BushCo looks east, is another war looming?

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