I just woke up from a little nap, clicked on Booman and lo and behold I see that Shirl has been talking about me..again..she wrote the tale of two strong women earlier this summer and posted it on Village Blue, I wrote this following reply and posted it there also.  Well since she posted her part, I must now post my part of the story.

I first ran into Shirl of the Stars in April of this year when she posted an article on a political blog site of which we both were members, Booman Tribune.  It was her’ Notes from the Margin’ series and I was immediately prompted to write a comment praising her for her writing and urging her to write a book.

She replied in the nicest way, as she is wont to do and as one thing led to another I emailed her, she emailed back, then we started instant messaging and finally had to talk live.
Well that first night we talked was just splendid, we chatted for hours, laughed, cried, shared all kinds of stories, I read her some of my poems and so on.
At one point I asked her if she knew about Seth and Jane Roberts and that brought out a whole new discussion as you might imagine.

So meeting Shirl of the Stars, brought all of this to the fore again as Shirl with her patient and thoughtful messages awoke the fully spiritual side of me.  

More than that I found a friend such as I had searched for my entire life, one who was akin to me, one who shared the same outlook, the same deep and emotional past life and most definitely a kindred spirit.

She has brought me into her spiritual family and I have brought her into mine and together we have created an even larger spiritual family when the two families meshed.  

However, the size of the combined spiritual family was not large enough even yet for us and through our joint efforts we have been able to continuously enlarge that family.
When I told her I was thinking of starting my own interactive blog site, she was a tiny bit skeptical, but said go for it and I did.  During the hectic two week period when I was building the site, I could not have done it without the support of my dearest friend Shirl as well as another dear friend Dewayne (Infidelpig on Booman).

With this new site Village Blue, jointly administered by the two of us we hope to expand our spiritual family evermore and that is our hope.  All you who read these words are a part of that family and we welcome you in, fold our arms around you and send loving energies to all.

I give thanks to All That Is and the ‘Powers of the Universe’ for the divine plan that allowed Shirl of the Stars and I to someday meet in this world reality.

Diane of the Wind

So turnabout is fair play, tell me your favorite stories of Shirlstars…why you love her, why you think she is a special as I do…and do you picture her like I do, ‘dancing on tiptoes through the tulips in a pink tutu’…

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