Why here, why now is David Duke stirring up the Middle East with his hatred of “Jews” propaganda? Is he a Republican or Democrat? Or what group is he speaking for?

David Duke Visits Syria In Support of Bashar al-Assad.
In this article, it is apparent that David Duke still hates Jews and is continuing his KKK mantra against them.

He’s also claiming to be America’s Saddam:

Interviewer: “How have you been treated by American media since you have been taken this stance?”

Duke: “Very bad. I would say that I’m treated about as bad as Saddam Hussein.”

Here are some telling snippets from the interview:

Interviewer: “How do you read the ongoing U.S.-led escalation against Syria within the context of re-mapping the Middle East?”

David Duke: “Well, you must understand that the chief architects of the war were Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Daniel Feith, Mr. Wurmser, Elliot Abrams, in the United States. They were the architects of this war. Mr. Pearl, as well as Mr. Wurmser and Feith, wrote a paper called ‘A Clean Break: Securing the Realm,’ a paper for Israel, for Benjamin Netanyahu. That paper said that the way to Damascus was through Baghdad. I believe that this is part of the ongoing Zionist effort, in their control of American foreign policy, to dominate the entire Middle East, and I believe, dominate the world. I think America is occupied in many ways the way the Golan Heights is occupied, the way the West Bank of Palestine is occupied.”


Interviewer: “Dr. Duke, what impact has the worsening situation of the occupying forces in Iraq and the daily shipment of body-bags of U.S. and allied soldiers to the U.S.A. and elsewhere, on Bush’s ability to plunge into another quagmire?”

Duke: “This war is a disaster for the United States, and I think that this has to put pause in some of the Zionist neo-cons about going into a new war. But the one wild card is that these neo-cons are crazy. They are insane people. They are Jewish fanatics, extremists, they are not normal people.”

My guess is Duke is looking for some financial backing for whatever he is up to politically.

Interviewer: “How badly, can you tell our viewers, is the policy making process hijacked by those neo-cons?”

Duke: “Well, as a patriotic American – and I come here not as a Syrian partisan, but as an American patriot – it’s more shocking for me than it should be for you, because our sons and daughters are being killed in Iraq, are being wounded, innocent Iraqis have died, America is being hurt, and yet we have this policy which is only for Israel. This war is completely about Israel, and I would like to suggest to people in the Middle East… Sometimes I believe that the Zionists run a mystification on us. I find, with some of the leftists around the world who say this is a war for oil or this is an American imperialist war – No, this is a case of the Zionists using America to fight their war with our blood and our money.”

Read the whole interview here.
 Duke seems to be stirring the unrest pot in the Middle East. I am very curious about the timing of his visit to Syria.

Old hates seem to never die.
Anyone know why Duke has come out of the woodwork at this point in time?

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